The Palestinian Academy for Integrity – NAZAHA: Identity and Objectives

Under the current increasing number of non-governmental organizations, the establishment of a new non-governmental organization becomes a major challenge that is intrinsically related to the nature of these organizations and their added work or services. This situation presses a key question about the added value of these organizations in the Palestinian society. The founders of the Palestinian Academy of Integrity –NAZAHA were the initiators of the debate on which the rules, foundations, and methodology of the Academy were rock-built.

The answer to the question about the added quality lies in the specialised nature of the education and training NAZAHA offers. This raises the awareness about the forms of integrity, transparency, accountability, and all risks of corruption forms and manifestation as well as combatting mechanism through education and training to prepare a generation of local Palestinian experts on such topics and develop measurable tools to be used and implement by public decision makers.

The gap the Academy is seeking to bridge is related to the preparation of experts and the training of the staff of the various regulatory bodies, whether in the public, civil or private sectors, on the mechanisms of detecting corruption in its various forms. This step is to be taken in parallel with strengthening effort to raise awareness against corruption, and reinforce integrity by developing a societal culture and values that encourage integrity and reject corruption. In the same vein, this effort encourage the preservation of public money and reporting of corruption. The Academy believes that it begins by instilling these concepts in younger generations of “school and university students” by developing courses to be taught at universities and colleges on the one hand, and developing extracurricular programs in school school-settings to encourage the students to engage in these programs and develop the concepts of enhancing their integrity.

Therefore; NAZAHA will place a niche focus on students, youth and employees of the regulatory bodies to identify the forms of corruption and how to distinguish them from other forms and crimes. On the other hand, NAZAHA concentrates on how to combat these forms by tailoring specialised courses and specialized training materials, and other means intended to make a qualitative shift in the nature of cultural structures for future generations, thought and practice.

The Academy is driven to build a professional institution that combines the academic and training for optimal acquisition of knowledge and hands-on skills and experiences. NAZAHA aims to grow to become house of expertise to build up experts, courses, and tools to enhance integrity across the Palestinian institutions.

The initiators of NAZAHA are fully aware that the road is long and arduous to achieve their goal. Still, they are placing these obstacles and challenges in mind as catalysts to reach lofty goals.

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