Team of Trainers

Dr Abul-Raheem Taha
PhD in Public Law ‎Administrative Law

Training Expertise: Dr Abdul-Raheem Taha is a seasoned professional trainer on integrity, public money preservation, corruption resistance, legal and legislative drafting, and corruption (its concepts, legal and institutional anti-corruption systems.). Dr Taha delivered several trainings on the code of conduct of staff in government, private, justice, and health sectors, as well as local government units. Being a legal expert, he gives training courses in a variety of legal topics, to name a few, laws of human and child rights, access to information, and anti-corruption. Dr Taha also developed several specialized training manuals on the relationship amongst the government, integrity, and law.

Experience: Being a noted legal scholar and the chairperson of the Palestine Governance Institute, Dr Taha has penned several published studies in the fields of integrity, corruption fighting, and the Palestinian political system, especially the legislative arm of the system. He also published a range of studies for various Palestinian institutions, amongst other topics, anti-corruption, conflict of interests, franchise agreements, public complaints, civil service reform, integrity and transparency environment at Palestine Standards Institution, and the announcement of contract awards as a transparency must in the conclusion of procurement contracts. Dr Taha also serves as a part-time lecturer at the Faculty of Law in Birzeit and the Modern University College.

Jihad Harb
Masters of Arts in Political Science

Training expertise: Besides being an experienced trainer on the topics of integrity and public money preservation, Jihad Harb also delivered a range of training courses related to the security sector and political system.

Experience: As a scholar at the front of governance and politics, Harb has an outstanding experience in the political field, especially in the development of the security sector in Palestine. He published many studies on the Palestinian political system, good governance, parliamentary work, integrity system and security

Anan Jabaiti
MA in Commercial law

Training experience: Anan Jabaiti is an accomplished professional trainer on integrity, anti-corruption topics, good governance, code of conduct for public servants, and public awareness on the values of integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Experience: Being a legal advisor scholar, Jabaiti has published several research papers and reports for a variety of organizations. To name a distingue few, Whistleblowers Protection, integrity in public bids under the Public Procurement and Supplies Act. In a similar vein, Jabaiti serves as a lecturer in the Faculty of Law in the Modern University College.

Anees Abu-Sba’
MA in Law

Training expertise: Having a track record as a seasoned trainer on political systems topics and electoral rights, Anees Abu Sba’ delivered many training courses on the significance and role of local control on integrity of the electoral process and local institutions, institutional capacity building concerning political and electoral participation. Sba’ also provided training courses on the right to register in parties, funding sources, gender and elections, and democratic issues.

Experience: Abu Sba’ authored many studies on different topics inluding the Right to Form Political Parties, Political Rights in Palestine under the National Schism, Reconciliation Prospects, and the Legislative Status. As a member of the Preparatory Committee of the Organization of Arab Electoral Management Bodies.

Mohammad Ghanem
Higher Diploma in Rural Development and Agricultural Extension

Training expertise: Mohammad Ghanem has a track record as a professional trainer in development matters. Ghanem has given many training courses on how to start up private business, as well as trainings to raise the awareness of rural communities of their instrumental role in accountability and control of municipalities and village councils, monitoring and evaluation, and strategic planning.

Experience: Taking the helm of a range of development projects, Ghanem published an array of analytical studies on the need of the agricultural source market for control systems based on evaluation and accountability.

Omran Tamimi
MA in Public Law

Training expertise: With an outstanding experience in teaching university students on debate fundamentals and moot courts, Umran Tamimi was one of the founding members of the Birzeit Legal Clinic in 2015. The Clinic voluntarily offers its legal and advisory services as part of Human Rights to raise the legal awareness of the local community about these rights. It also trains the students to acquire legal skills and become aware of the ethics of the rights activities.

Experience: A certified researcher and a research and teaching assistant at the Department of Law at the Faculty of Law and Public Administration in Birzeit University (BZU). He has a long experience in moot court competitions and debates. He also won many prizes; the most significant of all was the best defender in the Arab Moot Court Competition in 2016. In addition, he was the trainer of the BZU team that also won the first place in the same competition in 2018 in Kuwait.

Aya Abu Rmeleh
MA in Business Management

Training expertise: A facilitator at ‘Masari’ program \ Personal Competencies Station (Birzeit), the first out of two learning stations that Birzeit University provides its students, in the framework of ‘Masari’ program. This station revolves around the concepts of self-exploration and empowerment, personal value identification and social skills. At this station, as in all ‘Masari’ stations, learning depends on participatory and experimental methods of training. This method allows the students to gain knowledge and experiences, be the center of the learning process, and become active participants instead of only recipients of knowledge. Therefore, this station is focused on participatory teaching activities, such as role play, group work, discussion, and simulation.

Experience: A lecturer with an outstanding experience in business management, she gave lectures in many topics regarding integrity and public money preservation such as Introduction to Business Management, General Management: Theory and practice, Administrative Management, as well as other concepts pertinent to Business Management.

Reem Hasan
MA in Private Law

Training expertise: Besides being a trainer who has participated in many training courses in human rights law, economic crimes, and anti-corruption topics, Reem Hasan took part in a course on lawyers specialized in defending female victims of violence, legal research writing, housing, land and property in the West Bank, and intellectual property rights.

Experience: Being a certified and law practitioner, Reem provides legal advice to many companies, works in a law firm in the formation and management of contracts and audits, trial advocacy, preparation of pleadings, complaints, regulations, appeals, cassation appeals, counselling clients in different legal issues, management of contracts, founding companies, and other Attorneyship. She also wrote legal research in the public issuing in the stocks of the publicly listed companies, implementing foreign arbitral awards in Palestine, and prosecuted civilians before the Administrative Court.