We can fight corruption in Palestine if we barricade at a preventive front. Bottom line,
corruption should not be let to grow, we should nip it in the bud or minimize it with the
help of a set of preemptive measures. This, at heart, is the reason d’être of the Academy.
The record of Palestinian anti-corruption experiences shows that we need to blot out the
roots of corruption through the power of education, training and raising the public
servants’ awareness of corruption risks and resistance mechanisms. To boot, the
Academy will make every endeavor to bring a tide of change to the public perception of
corruption as a plague all of us should stand against through enhancing and embracing
the value system of integrity, transparency, and accountability, as well as safeguarding
the public funds.
On the above grounds, NAZAHA’s mission to establish an academy specialized in
integrity gains an added importance. NAZAHA will be there to provide knowledge and
technical assistance through anti-corruption education, professional training, research,
and knowledge and skill transfer in order to enhance the performance of corps missioned
to prevent corruption and enhance integrity through effective and positive cooperation of
all stakeholders from the government, civil society, and private sector. By the same
token, the Academy will hold and take part in anti-corruption and integrity-enhancement