Nazaha At Glance

The Palestinian Academy for Integrity (NAZAHA) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization based in Ramallah. NAZAHA has a niche focus on integrity and anti-corruption education and training in cooperation and partnership with relevant public institutions and civil society organizations (CSOs). NAZAHA raises the public awareness of the various forms of integrity, transparency, and accountability, as well as the risks, forms, and resistance mechanisms of corruption through the power of education and training. This mission aims to shape, build up, and advance a Palestinian generation of experts on integrity and develop a measurable set of tools to be utilized and applied to the public practices at decision making levels.

To that noble end, NAZAHA will devise a set of educational methods, courses, references, trainings, and specialized lectures. NAZAHA will also open a window of opportunity for integrity and anti-corruption exchange of experience, ideas, and proposals. In the same vein, the Academy aims to take part in the efforts dedicated by governmental institutions and non- governmental organizations (NGOs) to enhance integrity and fight corruption.