General description of specialized training

Why this training?

The idea of this training was tailor-made in response to the need of having a professional cohort of trainers with sufficient knowledge of integrity, accountability, transparency, and public money preservation. Against the lack of knowledge of integrity and anti-corruption mechanisms among key sections of the Palestinian society such as university students and institutions working at the supervision front, NAZAHA places niche focus on the preventative measures to put a stop to corruption rather than seeing it coming. This rationale led us to build up a sustainable tool. Specialized training is one of the tools NAZAHA wields to achieve its objectives and become in a time to come a training edifice that offers specialized training courses on integrity, accountability, corruption fighting and prepare accomplished trainers and experts in these fields.

The Academy aims at training targeted groups to face and resist the different forms of corruption, including awareness training courses and workshops. Some of the said institutions stand in an urgent need for such courses given their tenderfoot despite the significant role and the critical missions they undertake in the Palestinian society. Such servants could be dragged into the bog of corruption if not trained how to face potential corruption risks.

Who can attend?

NAZAHA provides specialized and general training courses that suit the needs of the target institutions. There are also general training courses for all sections to raise their awareness of integrity, preservation of public funds, and fighting corruption.

All of the training courses aim at benefiting all the sections of society including public servants, university students, academicians, citizens, and the staff of local government units employees as well as different sectors like health, education, and water. Bottom line, the specialized training courses are tailor-made to meet the needs of the target groups.


Specialized training gains significance by enhancing the knowledge and skills of callow trainees in relation to integrity and preservation of public funds to perform their tasks integrally and transparently. As for experienced target groups, this training helps them improve the required skills to better perform their tasks. Simply, the specialized training serves as a support and a catalyst to leverage the skills of the target employees to meet the bar of the job requirements and enhance their performance in an integral and transparent fashion.