This unit is all about enhancing the culture of preservation of public funds, the value system of integrity and transparency, and raising the school and university students’ awareness of accountability through the development of an array of anti-corruption university course in cooperation with the education and higher education institutions. It also offers training and volunteering opportunities to university and school students and encourages them to cherry-pick topics related to the enhancement of integrity and corruption fighting for their graduation projects.

NAZAHA looks up to integrity as a lifestyle, thus we believe that it should be incorporated in the educational system through innovative methods. As part of its efforts, the Academy treasures select extracurricular ideas that can communicate the concepts of integrity and preservation of public funds through activities, documentaries, and programs that fit the bill of all age groups.

The Education Unit includes a Research and Studies Department, which shoulders the responsibility of developing sector-specific studies. The latter put forward applicable outputs and aim to arrive at hands-on solutions to help decision makers identify the gaps in their sectors and abridge them through studies, reports, research, legal consultancy, manuals, indicators related to corruption, its forms, impacts, causes, and resistance mechanisms. Over and above, the department reviews the corruption-related legal framework in force in Palestine, including the laws, regulations, instructions, decrees, etc. Of note, it also develops and analyzes specialized surveys on integrity enhancement and corruption resistance.